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i’m gonna create an anime and the first episode is gonna zoom in on the person with bright blue hair sitting by the classroom window, then pan over to the kid with plain hair, the main character

and then there’s a running joke the entire show about how no one knows why the hell that guy over there has such weird hair

I actually really like Chiho in HMS because…

She reminds me of myself in real life. I was, for 11 months, that clumsy person in the fast food place. Not McD, but close enough.

I would have loved for someone to look out for me in the same way Maou did for her.

I’d love to have that kind of relationship with a colleague, so that even if they didn’t have romantic feelings for me, I’d know I was still IMPORTANT to them. That my opinion was valid to them.

Chiho’s still young. She’s still growing, and still figuring out what she’s good at and who she is. Compared to the others she’s not as strong, or as brave. But she’s got strong convictions, wanting her friends to ALL get along, and isn’t ashamed to say ‘sorry’ if she thinks she’s overstepped her boundaries.

Chiho, to me, is an important member of the series’ cast.